Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gophers love sex

Minnesota Golden Gophers cornerback Dominic Jones was charged Monday with third-degree criminal sexual conduct after investigators said they found a cell phone video that showed him in a sex act with a woman who was "physically helpless." Three other Gophers remain suspects in the case, which began in April after an 18-year-old woman said she had been raped at an apartment complex near campus. Defensive end Alex Daniels, cornerback Keith Massey and running back E.J. Jones all were arrested and questioned in April. They have not been charged, but have been suspended by their coach.

At a news conference, County Attorney Mike Freeman said the woman had come to the apartment complex with a friend and some Gopher players. He said she drank heavily with the players and had sex with E.J. Jones, Massey and Daniels before passing out. Dominic Jones arrived later and had sex with the woman while Daniels recorded the video on his cell phone, Freeman said. The file had been deleted from the phone, but investigators recovered a part of it, he said. The woman went to Regions Hospital for a sexual assault examination, where her blood-alcohol level tested at more than 0.30 percent. It's a level, Freeman said, "in which motor function, including the ability to stand or walk, is lost."

If the Utah Jazz taught us anything, it is when you are going to gang bang a chick, don’t f’ing video tape it; this is as stupid as you can get. At that point you may as well drag the drunk slut down to the police station and do her on the captain’s desk. At least it will save you the travel time after you pulled out, nutted on a towel and passed out.

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