Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yi is a bi-atch

Yi Jianlian, the Milwaukee Bucks' 6th overall draft pick in last week's NBA draft has refused to talk about the prospect of playing for Milwaukee. However, Yi's agent Zhao Gang was quoted as telling the official China Daily newspaper that he was already in contact with other franchises that have expressed an interest in the 19-year-old power forward. Agent Dan Fegan pushed for Yi to go to a city with a heavy Asian influence. According to census data, Milwaukee has a little more than 1,200 Chinese residents.

Move over Steve Francis, you now have company. If the Asian community is anything like it was when I was in university, you can bet that Yi has been chatting with Ichiro. So don't expect to see Yi playing alongside Lebron James in Cleveland anytime soon. But seriously, how can you expect Yi to get along in a town with only 1200 of his people when he is used to having a billion friends to choose from. That would be like taking Ron Artest and dropping him in the middle of Salt Lake City to play for the Jazz. A gangster like that only wants to bang 10 broads in a week, not be forced to marry each of them.


Chris said...

Milwaukee should sit on his rights and keep him out of the league if he's going to be a chump like that.

Ng Chang loves Box said...

True dat. he can go back to China and make some more sneakers for the real ballers.