Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vick will not start the season

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank held a press conference yesterday to discuss the Michael Vick situation. During the 90-minute press conference, Blank and team president Rich McKay acknowledged the team had drafted the paperwork necessary to suspend Vick for four games — the maximum a National Football League team can suspend a player for detrimental conduct — and discussed releasing Vick outright.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank declined, multiple times, to say if he wants Michael Vick to play for his team this season — or if he wants him to ever wear a Falcons uniform again. The Falcons could still release Vick, or the NFL could impose its own sanctions, such as suspending Vick for the 2007 season. The Falcons discussed a paid leave of absence for Vick, but decided against it because paying a player who could be involved in illegal activity could have set a bad precedent, McKay said.

"I'm honestly very disappointed that Michael has put himself in the circumstances he finds himself in," Blank said. "I'm disappointed for him, for our coaches, players, our fans, our community, all the fans in the National Football League. We have to let this play out and see what the facts develop. I'm certainly disappointed by the circumstances."

Coach Bobby Petrino said the Falcons would have to galvanize and proceed as if Vick won't be there this season. Former Detroit Lions starter Joey Harrington will take over as the starter.

Good luck with Joey Harrington. Although with his arm being as awesome as Vick’s he certainly won’t be rushing for anywhere near 1,000 yards. They might as well release Vick and use the cap room to sign Joe Namath. Even with two broken knees and a hangover, that geriatric could run circles around Harrington. And his arm is still gold. I can't wait to see him run a bootleg and cop a feel of the side line reporter before getting the pass off.


Chris said...

Now I'm a Panther fan, so I should be piling onto the "dog out Harrington" bandwagon. I can't, because this is actually a great opportunity for him to really START his career. There are pieces in place for him to be successful there. Who knows, the Falcon offense might thrive with a predictable QB. Chris Miller comes to mind.

Chris said...

Chris Miller was an Oregon Duck! Synergy!!!!

Screaming Viking said...

Harrington is a bust. The Falcons are in huge trouble now. Should have signed Garcia.