Friday, July 13, 2007

Walker is an Uncle Tom

Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker spoke publicly for the first time on Wednesday about the armed robbery that took place at his home Monday evening in the River North neighborhood. Walker said three men approached him in his garage and at least two of them had guns. The men, who were wearing masks, forced Walker into his house and duct-taped his feet and hands. The men stole cash, jewelry and his black two-door Mercedes, which was recovered by police on Tuesday morning. The car was stripped of its wheels and stereo system.

"It happened real quickly, within a three- to five-minute span," Walker told reporters. "I had no chance to really react.”

If Shaq has any hope of winning another championship ever becoming Sheriff, he has to make sure his teammates are armed and dangerous. This can't be happening to one of your crew. You'd never see this happen to a ghetto-pimp like Stephen Jackson. I mean any sign of trouble and he would have double barrel action up in yo' face. And that’s what makes a real gangsta. When 'dump dump' is yelled out, it isn't because he just shit his pants after he heard the glock clickin'.

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