Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Iverson Guilty

The verdict is in. A jury awarded $260,000 to a man who sued Allen Iverson after he was beaten by his entourage at a Washington nightclub in 2005.

The jury found that Iverson’s bodyguard was liable for assault and battery, and awarded the plaintiff $250,000 for pain and suffering and $10,000 for his medical bills. Iverson was found negligent for failing to supervise his employees.

Iverson’s still not done with the courts though. He plans on appealing and still has to face another lawsuit for a similar nightclub fight involving his security in Virginia.

Like I’ve always said. Don’t f*** with Allen Iverson. He’s as crazy as Pacman, only he’s got more scratch. A quarter of a million dollars buys a lot of respect on the street. And at $23mil per season Jewelz can afford to dish out as much respect as he wants.

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