Thursday, July 19, 2007

Joltin' Joe was stressed

Joltin' Joe DiMaggio's diary, which is a 2,000-page, 29 volume collection of the New York Yankees icon's diaries is being offered for sale. The diaries were written between 1982 and 1993 and contains Joe's thoughts such as:

With respect to his 56 game hitting streak - "If I thought this would be taking place,I would have stopped the hitting streak at 40."

In 1989, DiMaggio wrote that a flurry of autograph signing on "Old Timers Day" was "beginning to be too much stress."

"Traveling getting to be damn much," he wrote in 1987. Noted another entry: "Plane food should be fed to pigs."

"Had to buy a new shirt because neck size down to 15½."

I can see how reading about DiMaggio whining about signing for his fans and having to purchase a new shirt can be fascinating, but this book had better contain less about his wardrobe and more about what positions he did Marilyn Monroe in. Although I guess I'm in no rush as I've only jerked off to the stories of 3205 of Wilt's 20,000 escapades so far.

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