Friday, July 06, 2007

Iverson sued for $20M, Jewelz dead

Allen Iverson’s assault case got under way this week. AI is being sued for $20 million in connection with a Washington nightclub brawl back in 2005. The plaintiffs say Iverson's bodyguard and other members of his entourage attacked them when they refused to clear out of the VIP section of the nightclub.

At one point during the proceedings he was asked to peruse the lyrics from "40 Bars," the never-released song with references to guns and ho's that he wrote as the rapper Jewelz and that angered NBA commissioner David Stern. The exchange was entirely ridiculous:

"I don't try to project a persona - I am what I am," is what Iverson told plaintiff's attorney Gregory L. Lattimer at one point.

Not a rapper?

"I used to be a rapper," he said.


"When David Stern stopped me from being Jewelz," Iverson said.

Stopped you?

"Jewelz is gone," he said.


"Jewelz died," he said.

And the music?

"The music died with him," Iverson said.

Iverson was quoted following his court appearance as saying the plaintiffs are gold diggers, "I think I'm here because I worked hard all my life to get where I'm at and they want to get rich overnight."

AI. Get over it. Kanye was right yo. This is nothing compared to the white wash you’re in line for once Tawanna gets around to signing the divorce papers.

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