Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vick shown the sideline

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has ordered accused animal abuser Michael Vick to stay away from the Atlanta Falcons’ training camp until the league reviews the dogfighting charges against him.

"While it is for the criminal justice system to determine your guilt or innocence, it is my responsibility as commissioner of the National Football League to determine whether your conduct, even if not criminal, nonetheless violated league policies, including the Personal Conduct Policy," Goodell said in a letter to the quarterback.

Goodell told Vick the league would complete its review quickly and that he expected full cooperation. The review is expected to involve conversations with federal law enforcement officials so the NFL can determine the strength of the case against Vick.

The NFL completely doesn’t get it. Having Vick at training camp is totally in their best interest. It would guarantee front page coverage for the NFL during a relatively dead part of the year. Granted, seeing the words “NFL” and “dog execution” side-by-side day after day may impact the brand. But it’s still a lot better than their current marketing slogan: “The NFL – Our ex-cons will kill excite you.”


Brock Landers said...

Vick is a joke. I want to hear more about Nordgren and her twin.

Anonymous said...

who cares that he fought dogs, christ they let anyone play in the nfl, rapists, steroid users, drug users, he didn't hurt anyone so who gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. It sure as hell doesn't stand for "No Felon League"

ng chang loves box said...

Vick is a fucking coonbag. Time to get his ass out of the league. The groupies will be happy too as they will no longer get a burning sensation after doing the visiting team's QB