Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stern eats humble pie

In his Tuesday press conference, David Stern blamed a "rogue, isolated criminal" Tuesday for a betting scandal that has devastated the league and threatened the credibility of every referee. Stern said he felt betrayed by former referee Tim Donaghy, the target of an FBI investigation for allegedly betting on games, including some he officiated, over the last two seasons. Stern said he believed no other officials or players would be implicated in the betting scandal. "I feel betrayed by what happened on behalf of the sport, regardless of how protective I've been," he said. "This is not something that is anything other than an act of betrayal of what we know in sports as a sacred trust."

Stern said he believes the NBA will recover from the damage, noting college basketball and German soccer had overcome their own point-shaving scandals. But he wouldn't deny the league is in trouble. "I can tell you that this is the most serious situation and worst situation that I have ever experienced either as a fan of the NBA, a lawyer for the NBA or a commissioner of the NBA," said Stern, who has held the top post for 23 years.

Mr. Commish is absolutely right, if there is a way to get the league back on its feet it has to model itself after the German soccer leagues. Nothing helps people forget about a betting scandal than turning your fans into a bunch of savage racists. Sure the plan may sound good on paper. That is until Lebron shatters his ankle slipping on a banana peel.

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ng chang loves box said...

Bettman is a douchebag, but at least he doesn't let this happen in hockey.
Stern is a brutal commish. His time has come.