Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Phillies love to lose

On Sunday, the Philadephia Phillies became the first north American franchise to lose 10,000 games in the teams history. The St. Louis Cardinals had the priviledge of handing the milestone loss to the Phillies via a 10-2 beating. The Phillies have cemented their place as the losingest team in professional sports. The franchise, born in 1883 as the Philadelphia Quakers and later called the Blue Jays in the mid-1940s, fell to 8,810-10,000.

I am not saying this is a loser franchise, but Roberto Clemente had better luck on his flight to Nicaragua.


Braves Fan said...

ZIIIIIIIIIIING. Phillie Suck. Go Braves!

Strawman said...

If they want to stop being a loser team, they need to drop that loser mascot. The Phanatic is the most overrated piece of shit mascot ever conceived.