Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't smuggle Cubans

A federal judge sentenced U.S. sports agent Gustavo "Gus" Dominguez to five years in prison on Monday for smuggling potential Major League Baseball players out of Cuba. Dominguez, who has represented dozens of Cuban defectors and other major league players, was convicted in April of smuggling five prospects out of Cuba to the Florida Keys and then on to California, where he shopped them to potential teams. In addition to five years behind bars, the judge ordered Dominguez to serve three years probation and to pay a $2,100 fine.

Since when did smuggling athletes to North America become illegal. For god sakes, the NHL made a living off of it with the Russian invasion in the 1990's. What should warrant time behind bars is when the smuggled player you invested in shows up to his first training camp 30 lbs overweight and unable to play. A nice diet of bread and water would put their fat asses back into game shape. Or a long raft ride in the Atlantic.

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