Friday, July 20, 2007

More Ron Mexico fallout

Falcons owner Arthur Blank released a statement yesterday saying the team is considering its options with respect to Michael Vick.

"This is an emotionally charged and complicated matter,” Blank said. "There are a wide range of interests and legal issues that need to be carefully considered as we move ahead, including our need to respect the due process that Michael is entitled to. Also, this situation affects everyone -- our club, our players and associates, our sponsors, our fans and the Atlanta community among them -- so we must consider all of our customers in making any decisions.”

“Given the differing perspectives and strong feelings around this issue, we probably won't make everyone happy, but we are committed to doing the right thing. As the owner of this club that's, ultimately, my responsibility.”

Ron Mexico’s sponsors have also started running cover. Nike has announced that they are suspending the release of new products branded with Vick’s name. Nike has told retailers it will not release a fifth signature shoe, the Air Zoom Vick V, this summer.

Here’s a solution. Sign Marcus Vick. At least then you could re-use all the Vick merchandise in the fan shop. And there’s the added bonus that he’s just as good with the ladies.


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Anonymous said...

who cares, some dogs fought, big deal. We pump horses full of steroids and then when they get hurt racing we shoot them. If we didnt race them they wouldn't die either, no difference. Viva la Mexico