Friday, May 04, 2007

Jordan thinks he is still king

In the pro-am round at the Wachovia Championship on Wednesday, living legend Tiger Woods played a round with former legend Michael Jordan. With a cigar in his mouth, Jordan made an eight-foot par putt on the seventh hole and then mimicked Woods as he walked off the green, delivering a fist-pump in slow motion and holding his pose until he was sure Woods was looking. Next, while Woods was waiting for the 11th fairway to clear, Jordan walked by and kicked his ball off the tee toward a young boy in the gallery. Woods re-teed, and at the top of his back swing, Jordan cleared his throat loud enough to make Woods stop. The world's No. 1 player set up over the ball again and hit a hard draw down the middle of the fairway, locking eyes with Jordan in a mock staredown. The chatter was endless, and as always, Jordan was doing most of the talking.

Isn't it sad to see an aging former superstar as hungry for attention as John Daly is for a $2 buffet? Hasn't MJ endured enough embarrassment already this year after being shot down by some hot sluts in NYC? Are we destined to see Jordan shuffling about Central Park in a trench coat ready to show any lady who recognizes him his so-called ‘greatness’. And by greatness I mean his wallet. Only its looking pretty limp these days thanks to his ex.

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