Thursday, May 31, 2007

A-Rod is still a bitch

After battling back in Wednesday's game against the Yankees, the Blue Jays found a new reason to hate Alex Rodriguez. The supposed superstar third baseman added another bush league play to his repertoire when he apparently shouted ''Mine'' on an infield fly as he rounded the bases in the ninth inning. Although he claims he only shouted ''Hah'' as he passed Howie Clark, who was camped under Jorge Posada's popper, the Blue Jays third baseman claimed he heard otherwise, assumed it was shortstop John McDonald and got out of the way. The misplay extended New York's lead to 8-5 and made the bottom of the ninth against Mariano Rivera irrelevant in what turned out to be a 10-5 victory over the Blue Jays. Had the ball been caught, the score would only have been 7-5.

''It's disappointing, that's not proper, that's not the right thing to do,'' said Jay's regular third baseman Troy Glaus. ''I've never seen it in 30 years, except in the movies.'' To which A-Rod rebutted ''All my guys in here think it's good,'' he added. ''I'm not that concerned because it happens to me three or four times a week.''

A-Rod plays dirty pool. This is probably worse than his famous “slap play” or the elbows he judiciously hands out to opponents. It’s time to call in a doctor to help cure douche-Rod of his recent spell of mental retardation. Only the prescription will be written by Doc Halladay. And the treatment will be a fastball to the nads.


Anonymous said...

Watching that clip, I'm reminded of the movie Problem Child when the kid runs around the bases with the bat and bashes all players as he runs the bases. I wouldn't mind doing that to A-rod. Who's in?

Anonymous said...

Sign me up! When is the party starting?

Anonymous said...

video clip clearly shows him mouthing "Hah" rookie should have caught the ball no matter what ARod said.