Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Favre is pissed mad

In interviews during his annual charity golf tournament in Tunica, Miss., quarterback Brett Favre acknowledged that he felt the Packers missed an opportunity to add a significant piece to their offense by not acquiring Randy Moss. "It is disappointing," Favre said on Saturday. "We could have gotten him for less money than New England did. He wanted to play in Green Bay for the amount of money we would have paid him. It [was] well worth the risk."

We understand where the Packers are coming from by not wanting that fungus Moss around. It's just like how I don't really want my jock itch back either. But with Favre's medical history, the Pack had better be careful not to piss him off further or this story will end in only 1 of 2 ways - Favre retiring or them finding him hunched over a Lambeau field shitter after an overdose.

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