Friday, May 25, 2007

Aaron is a bitter old man

When Barry Bonds is close to breaking baseball's biggest record, Hank Aaron won't be around. "I will never reconsider my decision," Aaron told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Tuesday. When asked why, Aaron said: "I traveled for 23 years, and I just get tired of traveling. I'm not going to fly to go see somebody hit a home run, no matter whether it is Barry or Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig or whoever it may be. I'm not going any place. I wish him all the luck in the world." Aaron said he had no wisdom for Bonds as the Giants slugger pursued the mark. "I don't have any advice whatsoever, no advice to anybody," Aaron said.

It is sad to see heroes age isn't it? Aaron has turned from a likable person into a bitter old man. All that is left to complete his aging process is to start driving around with his blinker flashing. And then die.


Chris said...

Actually, (and I'll admit upfront I am a huge Braves fan) he could be completely honest with his feelings and call out Roid Boy as a cheat, but he doesn't want to cause any more controversy that would make more people consider him to be a "bitter old man"

Screaming Viking said...

If ppl had something on Barry that would stand up in court, I would understand, but all they have on him now is speculation and hearsay. I think baseball and Aaron should celebrate the amazing feat!

Chris said...

The rub with the "prove it in court" argument is that this is baseball, not a legal matter. Bonds accomplishments are stained, and just because he won't admit it doesn't give him a free pass for a party. He's always been a "me 1st" player and he has a ring free career to prove that.

Screaming Viking said...

His selfishness is probably what is making him an island in this entire case. He isn't the only big star to have been using, yet he is the only one they keep beating on.
Plus, you have to figure that if itis ever proved, that probably 75% of the pitchers he hit jacks off were juiced.
I like Bonds, he was great even in Pittsburgh when he was a small guy. Him and the rest of baseball bulked up at the same time. They should accept the 1990's for what they were and move on.

Strawman said...

Bonds is a bitch. I hope he breaks his leg and never breaks the record. Pitchers should start throwing for his head in an attempt to stave off the record.