Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seigler is (a) pimp

Richard Seigler, a former Steelers linebacker, is accused of pimping and appeared in Pittsburgh night court early Friday, hours after he was released from the team. Seigler is facing three prostitution-related felonies as authorities accuse Seigler of persuading a woman to become a prostitute, paying for her plane ticket from Spokane, Wash., to Las Vegas, where she engaged in prostitution, and taking some or all of the earnings, according to a criminal complaint filed in Las Vegas Justice Court. Dave Lockett, a Steelers spokesman, said team officials were aware that there were charges pending against Seigler. He declined to comment further.

I personally think it was great to see Seigler trying to plan a business for life after football. To his defense, the Steelers' code of conduct does have some inconsistencies in it. Like when it comes to unprotected head, the Ben Roethlisbeger incident makes it seem acceptable.

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