Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mateo beats wife

Mariners reliever Julio Mateo was arraigned on third-degree assault charges last weekend after allegedly eating, biting and choking his wife. She suffered a black eye and needed five stitches on her lip as a result of the bite. Previously police were called Mateo's home on the morning of April 28th after a dispatcher reported hearing a heated argument and two hang-up calls to 911. When two officers arrived, they found Mateo's wife, Aurea Mateo, and her sister crying in the hallway near two broken phones. Police said Mateo's wife put her hand on her neck and stuck out her tongue, as if she was being choked. Mateo's wife and sister-in-law do not speak English and declined to talk with responding officers about the broken phones. Neither would admit to being hurt or needing medical assistance, according to the police report. He has subsequently been sent to AAA.

The demotion seems a bit harsh for a team hovering around .500. As the only pitcher beating someone on a regular basis Mateo should be seen an inspiration for the entire staff.

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