Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Vick speaks out about personal problems

Michael Vick met with NFL commissioner Ralph Goodell and made his first public comments following the discovery of a dog fighting facility and over 60 abused animals on a property he owns.

"After what happened ... I just wanted to crawl in a hole. I can't take it no more," Vick told ESPN. "I walk around with a smile on my face and act like I'm happy, but on the inside it's hurting. And it's killing me. I ain't got no more energy left for it. The more I continue to do things and my name is in the media, I'm not going to get anywhere."

Vick, clearly aware of what happened to Pacman Jones and Chris Henry, vowed to make changes in his personal life. "I’ve got a lot of responsibility. I’m a role model to the kids in the community. It’s time to grow up.," Vick said. "I'm taking it upon myself and giving everybody my word that things are going to get changed around. I have a game plan for it. The company I keep, a lot of things got to change, and I mean that from the heart."

It’s great to see that Ron Mexico has a big heart after all. All I ever thought he cared about was getting his dick wet after a dance with Mary Jane. This mea culpa bullshit reminds me of all the chances Doc and Straw were given. If Vick’s “game plan” is anything like the one he employs on the field he’ll be running a lot. From the cops.

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