Monday, May 07, 2007

Mayweather beats De La Hoya

In what was being dubbed the last great prize fight of this generation, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won one of boxing's richest fights ever Saturday night by using his superb defensive skills and superior speed to take a 12-round split decision over Oscar De La Hoya to win the WBC 154-pound title. Mayweather remained unbeaten in 38 fights and won a title in his fifth weight class, moving up from welterweight to challenge De La Hoya in a fight that earned De La Hoya at least $25 million and Mayweather at least $10 million.

With Mayweather beating every decent boxer in his weight classes, what is left for him to do in his career? His only remaining challenge is to try and win back his the father's affections. How do you capture the heart of a true gangsta? Become one yourself. Sure the payday of a coke dealing street fighter isn't as large a rematch with the Golden Boy, but you can't put a price on a father's love.


Robert said...

Floyd is a very classy & humble human being. Those who judge him by his tactics should sit down and speak to Floyd as i have so many times in Vegas and everyone would come to love this kid. He is all about family. Yes he shows off, so what, so would most if they made his money. But really, besides a great fighter, he is a real nice person and a good friend. His fight with Oscar might not have been the best ever, but it sure helped resurect boxing for now. Good luck Floyd, looking ahead to the rematch. See you at Pure and Tryst. Your white brother.

Anonymous said...

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