Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tocchet is guilty

Former NHL player Rick Tocchet pleaded guilty Friday to running a sports gambling ring but might not have to serve any jail time. Tocchet, who played for six NHL teams in a 22-year career, is on leave from his job as an assistant coach for the Phoenix Coyotes. He pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to promote gambling and promoting gambling. The more serious suspicions when the case erupted 15 months ago were not substantiated. There did not seem to be mob ties or betting on hockey or any involvement by Janet Jones-Gretzky.

When all was said and done, this story was as exciting as a Coyotes home game. At least when Pete Rose’s scandal played out, it had the taste of blood with Bart Giamotti croaking in the end. We can only hope hockey is that lucky. I am not saying that Gary Bettman has ruined the game during his tenure, but if I see another glowing puck, I will lock him in a room with Bob Probert and an 8-ball.

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