Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Broncos now getting players arrested

David Kircus of the Denver Broncos was arrested Monday for assault. Kircus, you may recall, resumed his NFL career last year after spending time away from football making sandwiches at Subway. Kircus had been invited to a house party last weekend but he got into a disagreement there with the woman who invited him, authorities said. The man who owned the home was struck in the face after repeatedly asking Kircus to leave. The man was left with broken facial bones and was treated at a hospital. If convicted, Kircus could be sentenced from two to six years in prison. "Obviously, if he didn't handle himself the right way, he won't be with us," Mike Shanahan said of the backup receiver and return specialist who joined the team last season.

Who isn’t getting tired of seeing NFL players taking their high paying jobs for granted? Kircus will probably be charged by police, subsequently released by the Broncos and back making assorted subs by next week. And where will that leave me? Sure I’ll still have my stunning good looks and huge wang, but losing my job to Kircus a second time is too much for this sandwich artist to bear.

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