Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Foreman is (a) dope

In his recently-published memoirs, "God in My Corner," Former Heavyweight Champ George Foreman says he was drugged just before the famous “Rumble in the Jungle” title fight with Ali in the Congo. Foreman was a heavy favorite to beat Ali, but he deflected or absorbed Foreman's punches as he leaned against the ropes, allowing Foreman to tire himself out in the tropical heat. He knocked Foreman out in the eighth round for the title. But Foreman, now 58, says something else tired him. In his memoirs he says before the fight, his trainer gave him something to drink that tasted like medicine.

"I almost spit it out ... [I told my trainer] 'Man, I know this water has medicine in it,'" Foreman wrote. "I climbed into the ring with that medicinal taste still lingering in my mouth." "After the third round, I was as tired as if I had fought 15 rounds. What's going on here? Did someone slip a drug in my water?" he wrote.

This calls for a rematch between Ali and the Grill King. But for Foreman’s sake, he had better hope that Ali is the one medicated for the fight this time. Ali doesn’t sting like a bee anymore but if he forgets his Parkinsons pills, he regains his lightning quick hands.

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