Thursday, May 31, 2007

Patriot goes swimming

This past weekend, Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill and a female friend had some fun water jet skiing without life vests. Things got out of control though after they ventured into a major shipping lane and fell off their skis and into some swirling currents. The woman survived by grabbing a buoy and holding onto it until she was rescued. The 24-year-old Hill, who friends described as a good swimmer, drifted away and disappeared until searchers pulled his body from the water on Monday afternoon, about 17 hours after the accident. "He was a hero until the end," his cousin told reporters later.

I am not sure how hero fits into this when he was on the water without a life jacket, and probably intoxicated. If this is what makes you a hero, then given the amount of time I spend downing six-packs while bass fishing, I should have a national holiday named after me.

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