Monday, May 28, 2007

Coach says Bengals are police target

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis apologized for comments he made last week about Cincinnati police targeting his players. In response to Chris Henry’s recent traffic citation Lewis told ESPN: “I think there's profiling, no question. We're [Cincinnati] a small place, our guys stand out, and they know that and you've got to do things the right way, but when you are arrested for, or you are pulled over for not putting on your turn signal, there's something wrong there. Many people make right turns without putting on their turn signals and that's unfortunate that we've had a guy [Chris Henry] that's pulled over for not putting on his turn signal.”

He later clarified his comments, “At no point did I say or mean to imply that these issues had anything to do with race. When I spoke of our players being perhaps more subject to scrutiny than others, I was referring to their standing as public figures.”

Marvin. Yo. Reality check time. Your players are being targeted because they’re a bunch of thugs, not because they’re black. If I were a Cincinnati taxpayer I’d be pissed-off if the police force WASN’T profiling your team.

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