Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wallace gets some in the face

Tuesday night the Chicago Bulls' Ben Wallace had sweat dripping in his face after being forced to play without his trade mark headband. This followed Ben getting benched on Saturday for breaking a team rule that prohibits wearing said head piece.

I can just imagine the conversation at the Bulls head office that led to this rule.

Bulls GM - "I think NBA players are totally out of control."

Bulls Manager - "I agree. Lets make some rules to teach the ones that aren't already in jail some discipline. How about we ban the headband. Having 8 illegitimate kids is fine, but the headband, that is out of control. And while we are at it lets rule out knee high socks too."

GM - "Great Idea! We'll learn 'em good by taking away their headbands! I think we should lay off the socks though. Where will their pack their heat? Taking away their gat would be unconstitutional!"

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