Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hall of roids?

This year’s list of eligible players for Baseball’s Hall of Fame was released this week. The main player of controversy on the list is alleged steroid abuser Mark McGwire. I can understand why he may have taken steroids. Sure it is great to mash a baseball 800 feet and hit 70 plus dingers a year. But in the end, when the playing days are done and all you are left with is a hairy back, the memory of a towel-clad Jose Canseco injecting your ass and no plaque in Cooperstown, you have to say it wasn’t worth it. Granted, I have never seen a towel-clad Jose Canseco.

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Strawman said...

Keep up the good work boys. Florida is great and I`ll be back posting soon!

hahahahaha `toweled Canseco`