Thursday, November 09, 2006

Doc out of slammer, Straw watch on

Former baseball star Dwight Gooden has been released from prison after finishing a sentence for violating his probation by using cocaine. The 41-year-old was serving three years' probation for speeding away from police during a drunken driving traffic stop last year when he failed a drug test and acknowledged to a probation officer that he had used cocaine.

Doc’s life has been a series of one-upmanships with Darryl Strawberry. Over the last 15 years, at least one of them has been either in jail, on probation, or in rehab. Doc is the Ying to Straw’s Yang.

I know there are a lot of people out there pulling for these crack docktas to put their lives back together. And I’m NOT one of them. These two dumpster rejects have provided me with so much laughter over the years that I owe them a debt of gratitude. Speeding away from the cops high on coke is a new all-time low, even for these guys. You just know Straw is bound to get into trouble next. I’d wager my house Straw will be found by the cops on Christmas Eve wired on coke in some back alley ramming his meat into a dead hooker. Hey, I'm not a bad person. When Kevin Mitchell needed a new cat, I was more than happy to take him to the pet store.


Anonymous said...

WOW......great have to click on the kevin mitchell link to understand why it so funny.

Anonymous said...

that kevin mitchell link is leclit.

Screaming Viking said...

depends how old you are. this was funny stuff back in the day.