Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Racist League

Following a loss in the semi-finals of the Canadian Football League, Toronto Argonauts wide receiver Arland Bruce accused the referees and the league of being racist, “You can say I'm complaining but we didn't get a call. We couldn't get no calls. They’re racial. How come there aren't any black referees?”

It’s a good thing Arland isn’t playing “European” football, ‘cause there they don’t consider the refs racist until they start handing out bananas instead of yellow cards. Last time I watched a football game, pretty much everyone except the place kickers were black, so I don’t understand how a referee can be more racist towards one team or another. Saying the refs are racially biased is like calling me a homosexual even though I’ve slept with the cast of The Fact’s of Life. Which is actually only slightly better than sleeping with the cast of the Golden Girls. But at least I get a lot of box.

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