Thursday, November 30, 2006

Iverson returns to his "Roots"

I was starting to worry about Allen Iverson. He’s been engaging in some whack behaviour of late. Payin’ for the funerals of gang-banged teens, and speakin’ out against gun violence. It’s gotten so bad that I was expecting to see him on ESPN2 counselling Shawn Kemp on the virtues of Planned Parenthood. And now I read that he’s snubbed a bunch of the 76ers’ rich honkey sponsors. You know, a month ago I could have pictured AI throwing strikes alongside a Heinz Corp. V.P. Cause when whitey’s got you on the dole to the tune of $17 mil per, it’s easy to turn your back on the hood. But A.I. is f***ing back. Someone better tell T.J. Ford that he’ll need to find a new partner for down at the women’s shelter. Just a suggestion though, don’t call Kobe.


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