Friday, November 10, 2006

Can of whoop-ass

Canadian Gold medal wrestler Daniel Igali, was brutally beaten and robbed in his Native Nigeria recently.

''I was stabbed at the back of my neck and beaten up with the butts of their guns,'' Igali told the Daily Sunsport of Lagos. ''I thought I was doing a good thing, coming home and helping in community development,'' said Igali, who commissioned a modern sports academy in September his home town of Enewari. ''I have spent so much time and resources trying to uplift the quality of life here. 'If this is how I want to be paid then I had better stay back in Canada.''

Let me get this straight. You won a gold medal in “Kicking Ass” but you can’t defend yourself against a few half-starved Nigerians? I bet you Kurt Angle doesn’t get robbed leaving the arena at night.

Thinking back, this reminds me of the time my place was broken into, except I unleashed the gun show and sent those bastards packing. Daniel, if it wasn’t stolen, feel free to send your gold medal to the Screaming Viking c/o Throwing Smoke. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

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Strawman said...

I'm a cheeeeta too!