Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Coldest Game on Earth

With the resent rash of concussions in the NHL, great Bruin defensemen Bobby Orr is speaking out against hits to the head. “If you hit a guy in the face with your stick by accident, you're going to get a penalty. Two minutes, four minutes, five minutes, something. If you go to bodycheck a guy and you hit him in the face or head, and injure him, that's legal? That's fair? That's not a penalty? I'm sorry, I don't think that is right. It should be a penalty."

The NHL should be more worried about the increase in players abusing their wives over the past decade. These so called “professional” leagues are only concerned with what happens on the playing field. It’s hard to call the NHL a family league when it takes virtually no action after a player kicks his pregnant wife. I guess its okay though so long as she doesn’t suffer a head injury. Mark Fitzpatrick, don’t worry, you are retired, so these rules won’t pertain to you.

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