Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Titans mascot drives like Paul Tracy

In the bizarre lawsuit of the week, Ex-Saints quarterback Adrian McPherson is suing the Tennessee Titans because their mascot hit him with a golf cart before the second half of an August exhibition game. The quarterback was on the field Aug. 12 warming up when T-Rac, the Titans' mascot, hit him with a golf cart while throwing items into the stands. McPherson missed the rest of the game with a deep bruise in his right knee, and the Saints cut him on Sept. 2. McPherson is seeking $5 million in compensatory damages for the Titans' negligence and $15 million in punitive damages.

Adrian, the chances of an uneducated, gambling, Arena Football league player coming close to earning $20,000,000 in a lifetime is ludicrous. You may want to revise the amount in your lawsuit to 3 packs of food stamps and a can of Colt 45. Even if the food stamps had expired, you are still getting one hell of a deal.

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