Monday, December 04, 2006

NHL advertises effectively

The NHL has received high praise for its ‘In Bed with Peter Forsberg’ commercial that was aired to promote the new NHL season. I recall a few years back pitcher Denny Neagle was working on a promotion for Major League Baseball. The only problem was that instead of casting a suburban family and hiring a camera crew, Neagle went cruising the streets in his Beemer with 40 bucks and a burning desire for a blow job. I'm not saying Neagle’s ad wouldn’t have worked, but I think the concept would be better suited to the NBA. And for maximum impact the ad would feature Wilt Chamberlain:

Most Rebounds Grabbed: 55 in a game
Most Points Scored: 100 in regulation
20,000 Broads F***ed: Priceless

The NBA, it's Ho-tastic!

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Screaming Viking said...

That BJ cost him 19 mill. I hope she didn't scrape