Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Write-In All-Star

Virtually unknown Vancouver Canucks defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick is currently second in NHL All-Star voting to represent the Western Conference on the blue line. This bizarre drive to have Fitzpatrick named to the All-Star team is being lead by some obscure website that is pushing for NHL fans to write “Rory” on their ballots.

The fact that a player who doesn't have a point in 19 games can be in position to start in the All-Star game is a testament to how good the B.C. chronic is. Fitzpatrick better bring along some of his own mary-jane, because he’ll sure as hell need the stress relief when the real All-Stars skate circles around him on January 24th. If you’re wondering, my write-in vote this year was Sean Avery, for having the scoring lead with this:


Screaming Viking said...

I already voted for Rory!
Go Canucks!

Anonymous said...

Man she's gorgeous! What's the article about again?