Tuesday, December 19, 2006

David Stern ain't understand

David Stern handed out unprecedented half a million dollar fines to each of the New York Knicks and the Denver Nuggets as punishment for their players’ actions during the “Madison Melee” last weekend. "I am going to start holding our teams accountable for the actions of their players and other employees," the commissioner said. "What I'm saying is if you continue to employee employees who engage in these actions, your organization is going to have to pay a price even beyond the suspensions that are involved here."

Maybe Ron Artest and I were quick to judge the commissioner. Handing out individual fines and suspensions to players only encourages more of the same, but this new tactic of leveling huge fines to the teams themselves is sure to have an impact. And by impact I mean NBA teams will start to be more like the Washington Generals and less like the Portland Jailblazers. Who doesn’t want to see Big Country and Shawn Bradley come out of retirement? David Stern you are a visionary my friend.

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