Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Here at Throwing Smoke professional athletes won't talk to us, yet, but then again neither will our mothers, so we don't know what new year's resolutions players really have so here is what we speculated:

T.O. - Keep counting his 25 million reasons to live
Marvin Lewis (Bengals coach) - Only have 5 players arrested
Sam Cassell - Bring sexy back
David Stern - Learn ebonics to try and be more 'hood'. Word.
Dany Heatley - Keep his car on the road
A.I. - Help Carmello Anthony stay away from being arrested for misdemeanors - focus more on felonies.
Marcus Camby - Play through all hangnails and tough it out on game days.
Kris Benson - Find a peeler to marry who won't threaten to bang the grounds crew.
Jason Kidd - Write a book of children's poetry
Pacman Jones - Only let his women do the spitting, if you catch my drift

Happy New Years and don't drink and drive, unless you're a pro-athlete and we can write about it next week.

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