Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why do women need shirts?

Cheerleading coach Christine Smith was fired by the Frederick Youth Sports Association for lifing up her shirt at a football game for 7-8 year old girls. Smith drew a smiley face on her stomach to re-energize the team, which she said they found "hilarious," but allegedly three people complained about Smith's lifting her shirt slightly, to draw the face. Association president Kathy Carey stated, "(P)ulling your shirt up is ... not what our organization is about." Women pulling up their shirts is exactly what Throwing Smoke is all about. Christine, for women like you, we can always find a job for you here.

Thinking back, this reminds me of the time I was at my kid's hockey game and I wrote 'Go Warriors go; this is our's to win. Bring home the trophy!' on my gigantic wang. Sure I was escorted out of the arena by police and was beaten in the parking lot, but from what I hear, they went on to win. Best of all, I got phone numbers from 5 yummy hockey mommies. Broken collarbone and sprained knee aside, it was all worth it.

NOTE: the picture is not of Ms. Smith, but who doesn't love a hot cheerleader?

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