Friday, December 15, 2006

Bedard goes ghetto

If there is one complaint we have received on Throwing Smoke over the first three months, it was to include more Biathlon content. In keeping with our fan's wishes we bring you this: Myriam Bedard, Canadian double gold medalist biathlete decided that kidnapping would become her next endeavor.

An arrest warrant has been sworn out against her on suspicion of abducting her own daughter. It's the most recent of a string of episodes in the last decade that has also seen her spar with her sports federation and make sensational allegations during the federal sponsorship scandal.

It is sad to say, but Myriam Bedard now has more street cred than T.J. Ford. She knows how to handle a gat and now she’s got a police rap. T.J., when a 100 pound French woman is more gangsta than you, it is time to stop comparing yourself to Allen Iverson and to start comparing yourself to Webster. Ma’am and George Papadopolous called, they are ready to adopt again.

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