Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tiger is a tycoon

Jason Sobel of ESPN recently had a conversation with Tiger Woods. On Sobel’s blog, he posts some of Tiger’s gems such as:

On his professional breakthrough being responsible for golf's technology boom: "I guess it's all my fault, huh?"

On how rail-thin Charles Howell III has changed since he first met him: "He's probably put on 1.5 pounds."

On Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz, from whom (along with Jeff Francoeur and Adam LaRoche) Tiger won some money on the golf course recently: "He's my ATM."

Tiger’s one funny dude. So I hope he finds the humor in me using his wife as my face cloth.

And how retarded do you have to be to play golf against Tiger Woods for money? This is as stupid as getting into a gluttony contest with John Daly and being surprised when you have to have your stomach pumped later that night

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