Friday, April 13, 2007

Duke players free

The disgraced district attorney in the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case apologized to the three athletes in a carefully worded statement Thursday as their lawyers weighed whether to sue him -- and some legal experts say they have a case. Mike Nifong's had been quoted as calling the lacrosse players "a bunch of hooligans" in one of several interviews and this was deemed unethical by the state bar. On Wednesday, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper threw out the case against the three young men, pronounced them innocent and delivered a withering attack on Nifong, portraying him as a "rogue" prosecutor guilty of "overreaching." Cooper said Nifong rushed the case, failed to verify the accuser's allegations and pressed on despite the warning signs. There has also been some suggestions that the players and their families might sue Duke University, which has been heavily criticized in some quarters for suspending the players and canceling the lacrosse team's season before the young men were even tried.

We have learned a lot over the last year from this story such as don’t jump to conclusions, watch your actions at college parties and most importantly, money justice always prevails.

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