Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Florida are champs

For the second time in 2007, the Florida Gators have beaten the Ohio State Buckeyes for a US college national championship. The Gators captured their second straight NCAA basketball championship with an 84-75 win last night. Four months prior, Florida’s football team destroyed the unbeaten Buckeye team 41-14 in a shocker.

Ohio State is the France of college sports; you show up for war but all you can do is rollover and die when everything’s on the line. But the Buckeyes can take some solace in what France has accomplished since the World Wars, by being a world champion in a pansy sport like soccer. So what does this mean for the Buckeye’s now? If you can't win the manly sports, it is time to divert all of the money out of basketball and football and into men’s gymnastics. Nothing says homosexuality athletic powerhouse like gold in pommel horse.

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