Thursday, April 12, 2007

Irvin won't pay

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin is being sued by a contractor who claims the former Dallas Cowboys star grabbed his arm and injured him during a dispute over a $2,800 payment. This contractor was hired to install a fountain at Irvin's Plano home. The suit claims that Irvin grabbed Vandergrift and jerked his body as he tried leaving. Irvin had begun "screaming and shouting" after Vandergrift said he was owed payment for the work. Irvin told The Dallas Morning News the allegations were "blackmail."

With Irvin being recently fired from ESPN, $2,800 is a lot of money. Especially with a huge blow habit. Instead of getting mad the contractor should get even by showing up at Irvin’s house with a bag of flour and telling him it's some pure shit from Columbia. And after Irvin forks over the cash for the stash, dump the bag out on the driveway and leave with an ‘FU Betty Crocker’ while Irvin is on all fours desperately trying snort whatever he can. That’s real justice, yo.

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