Monday, April 23, 2007

Landis fails test

To really no one’s surprise, other than maybe Landis’ naïve devoted followers, secondary tests on backup urine samples on Tour de France champion Floyd Landis found traces of synthetic testosterone, the French sports newspaper L'Equipe reported Monday. The tests on seven "B" samples clearly showed traces of the banned substance, the paper said on its Web site. Landis had insisted the follow-up tests weren't necessary because the primary "A" samples tested negative for banned substances during the Tour. L'Equipe said the lab used a technique that can distinguish synthetic from natural forms of testosterone, a male sex hormone. "I'm infuriated by the behavior of USADA and the French lab”, Landis said. "Together, they have turned this proceeding into a full-scale attack on my civil rights and a mockery of justice."

Ever since OJ got off, all professional athletes now believe they have an entitlement to the same lack of justice. However, the reality of being an American who dominates a European sport means that you have to expect them to try and bring you down at every instance. And really, Landis should just be thankful he wasn’t a black cyclist on his way to winning the Tour. Doping allegations are of secondary concern when European sports facists fanatics are tossing bananas into your spokes during a mountain descent.


Anonymous said...

You should know that the A sample and the B sample are obtained from the same source at the same time, i.e. they are identical. Bearing this in mind, what does it say about the competence of a lab, that says "A is negative" and "B is positive" ?

Screaming Viking said...

We will never know the truth now unless landis gets a huge $$$ offer for the real story. Much like OJ did.