Monday, April 23, 2007

Pacman to "reorganize priorities"

In his latest performance of this never ending carnival, Pacman Jones purchased a full-page advertisement in a Tennessee newspaper apologizing for the actions that led to his year long NFL suspension.

Pacman’s letter, prepared with the help of high paid lawyers, admits that he needs to reorganize his priorities and seeks forgiveness from his family, teammates, coaches, and fans. In the open letter Jones also claims to be returning to West Virginia University to tap 18 year old ass complete his degree.

Someone ought to tell Pacman that you don’t become intelligent once they hand you a piece of paper conferring you a degree. Especially when you pass by threatening to shoot the smart kid if he doesn’t do your assignments for you.

Does anyone actually believe that Pacman is going to change? This whole idea of publishing a letter of apology is about as ridiculous as Rae Carruth knitting some booties for his pregnant girlfriend.

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