Friday, April 27, 2007

Schilling wasn't faking

Oriole’s announcer Gary Thorne said during his broadcast of the Red Sox-Orioles game on Wednesday that Boston backup catcher Doug Mirabelli admitted that Curt Schilling milked his ankle injury for drama while helping Boston win the World Series 2 years ago. "It was painted," Thorne said. "Doug Mirabelli confessed up to it after. It was all for PR.”

In reality Mirabelli was quoted as saying, 'How about the bloody sock? Yeah, we got a lot of publicity out of that,' and that was all he can recall me saying," Mirabelli said. "He said he assumed what I meant was that the sock was fake and that it was just a publicity stunt. That by no means is what I meant. There was never a doubt in mind there was blood on the sock."

So by my tally there have been bloody glove and bloody sock conspiracies. Personally, I’d get a lot more worked up seeing Martina Hingis lose her tampon during a Wimbledon final.

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