Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Domi is a bad father

The Toronto Sun received several calls from parents accusing Tie Domi of confronting his son's coach, Lucas Miller, on Friday night, after the Toronto Marlboros were beaten 2-0 by the Toronto Red Wings. Callers claimed Domi was out of control, yelling profanities at Miller in front of young players and fans. Police who called to the rink later said they were given no evidence to lay charges. Domi was apparently irate at the amount of playing time his 11 year old son, Max, was receiving.

Someone needs to explain biology to Domi. Considering the fact that Tie was a no talent hack on the ice, how can he expect his son to have the ability to earn quality ice-time? Max’s only hope for an NHL career is to find out that Dougie Gilmour was boning more than just the babysitter.

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