Sunday, October 29, 2006

Too Many blows to the head

A sure fire sign that former NHL player Tie Domi has taken too many blows to the head during his playing days is when he cheats on his incredibly hot, soon to be ex, wife (pictured on the right), with a so-so, but rich, MP Belinda Stronach (right and below). This is an incredibly huge step down in the looks department. It looks a lot like Tie was one of the players that waited until he made the NHL to get hitched, otherwise how would he get such a gorgeous woman? Trading down to Belinda is more along the level that the "too dumb to be a jockey" midget would be deserving of if he wasn't an NHL player.

Tie, I hope you not waiting for Belinda's daddy to loosen the purse strings for you to pay your alimony; that is about as likely as Belinda staying in the same political party for a full term. P.S. Please don't hurt me. Oh wait, you stopped fighing years ago. No worries.

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