Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh how the mighty have fallen. WHOA

Last year it was Jerry Rice. Now, Emmitt Smith. How exactly do you go from Hall of Fame running back and taking on guys like Bruce Smith and Michael Strahan, to doing the waltz on Dancing with the Stars versus Screech's best friend A.C. Slater, Blossom's brother and a guy who makes a living from white trash lesbians beating each other up for a free flight to Chicago. Emmitt is in the final four couples now. I wonder if this trophy will have a spot on his mantle next to his Super Bowl titles.

What's next? Ray Lewis, Cliff Claven, Rudy Huxtable and Bull from Night Court playing Yahtzee? Talk about Hall of "Shame". Please say this is a bad dream. PLEASE.

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Strawman said...

Notice how on this show they always pair up race? You never see a white and black dancer together.