Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sean Avery may pay for things

According to the New York Daily News, Rangers hockey star Sean Avery's name and private cell phone number are in the little black book of Manhattan madam Kristin Davis. Avery, 27, a trash-talking enforcer who has dated a string of models and actresses, is listed as a $500 client of brothel Maison de L'Amour.

Avery denies ever calling that slut and speculated that an adversary used his name and number to book a $500 date through the Maison de L'Amour brothel. Avery said "I certainly have a lot of enemies," and may be considering a lawsuit against the Daily News, according to a 1erson who has spoken with him. "I do know that if I was to venture into one of these establishments, I wouldn't use my real name. I think that would be stating the obvious."

Who really cares if he is paying for hot ass? He just plays hockey in New York state; it isn't like he is the governor. What I am most concerned bout is whether Avery is getting the best bang for his buck. If ass to mouth isn't on the daily menu, he is being ripped off if you ask me.

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